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UN latest climate outlook

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Hey you want to use an American history bloke as your climate science guide..go right ahead.

Its such an odd thing though...

If you go back there is so many attempts to poke holes in the whole climate thing.... From personalities to ...well anything ..

It smacks of a weird kind of desperation. Why don't you just look at the climate changing ?

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Trying to make a positive contribution here . . 


There is a wealth of credible information on the climate. There is just no excuse to post pseudo-junk. 


This is from George Washington U. 




And AA, I respectfully argue that academics have far less pressure to go with the climate flow than do the denialists. 


For example, back in the day I had uni tenure, which gave me job protection to publish what I saw as the truth. 


I put that to the test, writing articles that really made the US national security "Blob" and its supporters angry. 


And in fact they did come after my job, but my university deans and admin stuck by me - they saw that as doing their job. 


Same with civil servants - they have job protection to call it as they see it. 


Bottom line - scientists who succumb to pressure to satisfy their bosses are found more in the private sector than in Unis or Govt. 

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an amusing but very true portrayal of how opinion polls can be skewed to obtain the desired answer


We need to remember when BP and IB (and all the other alarmists) talk about scientists there are 2 categories in their minds, those who are on the programme and those who are not, with the latter subject to vicious attacks and sometimes loss of jobs eg the Peter Ridd case. The peer review process has been severely corrupted, now referred to as "pal review". 

Interesting video about one of the biggest frauds in relation to Global Warming, Mann's hockey stick


and again as a reminder of a contrary view point here is the view of a very distinguished NZ scientist


and the institutions are still manipulating data. eg


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Remember Galileo trying to prove to the Church about planets revolving around the sun.

He was one man speaking out against the establishment 

Galileo was prosecuted for his support of heliocentrism, the astronomical model in which the Earth and planets revolve around the Sun at the centre of the Solar System.


Not much has changed when one speaks out against CC


Galilieo was right!

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Galileo was a scientist arguing with a church. Not another scientist. So your example is just anothe scientist being correct.


Try this: which sentence is wrong?


1 CO2 in the atmosphere causes temperatures to rise. ( proven by over 100 years of experiments all giving the same result)


2 CO2 in earth's atmosphere has increased about 33% since pre industrial times. ( confirmed by measurement)


3 the extra CO2 is the result of burning fossil fuels ( confirmed by direct measurement)


4 all other potential sources of warming that we are aware of have been tested and even cumulatively cant explain current CO2 levels.


5 current increases in global temp are proving the models surprisingly accurate. In fact as the models are refined and made more accurate the results are tending to the worst case scenarios.


MH your links fail to stand up to scrutiny. I am in a hotel in Culiacan so cant go into more detail but i suggest when you come across such things you actively search for the contradictory arguments and keep an open mind.

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"5 current increases adjusted records in global temp are proving the models surprisingly accurate. In fact as the models data are refined and made more accurate compliant the results are tending to the worst case scenarios."


there you are, all fixed, just like the "scientists" do.

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Excuse my arrogance "Black panther" but here you are condoning us non CC believers,but there you are helping to contribute to change by jet setting and leaving a carbon footprint  So you want us all to believe in CC and change our ways but you seem happily to contribute??Taken the diesel out yet and installed an electric motor??

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BOI what's your point ?

Are you yet again calling the vast majority of scientists involved with this issue liars ? If so you have no basis for it and are being both arrogant and rude.


HT stop being so desperate..

That kind of attack has been called out for what it is many times..childish.

Next you will be insisting that people who fart can't comment on the problems of atmospheric gasses...


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