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Any tips for tomorrow? I'm thinking it may be a bit windy for the number one.


And what time for the last finisher?  Wind should hold, so could be all done by midnight hopefully...


Good luck to all!


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That would be a Bacon and Egg pie for us .. looking at the early forecast you can pick that the wind is gonna blow on your pies! 


Short haul course looks great:



An update just went up on the 88 Facebook page which includes instructions for following the fleets on the PredictWind Tracker Click here for info


See you out there.

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Pretty epic start conditions today - the first division got away ok but a fairly vicious squall came through soon afterwards and passed through the Shorthaul fleet before catching quite a few of the Longhaul boats.

Took a few snaps, wish I had a better camera but gives an idea of the change in conditions.

Nosaka_RB_080815 (2).JPG

Anarchy_RB_080815 (1).JPG

Anarchy_RB_080815 (2).JPG

Planet X_RB_080815.JPG


Hard Labour_RB_080815.JPG

Hard Labour_Hard Landing_RB_0800815.JPG


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