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CREW WANTED - racing and cruising in Auckland

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Hello sailors,


I recently bought a share in a 40ft Catalina, Nomos, and sailed her up from Wellington to Auckland. Now I need you to help me race her!


Based in Westhaven Nomos is a cruiser-racer, well equipped and in good condition. She's not a racing machine, but she sails really well, is comfortable and with a good crew she can win.


If you have some racing experience, want to race for fun and make new friends please join me!


I am looking at racing on Saturdays from the RNZYS and would be open to mid-week racing.

I will ask for a participation of $25 to a crew fund to keep her going.


And if we get along well I would love you to join me for some cruising over the summer to make the most of our beautiful environment!


Drop me a line if interested!



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$25.00,is it an issue?, I assume you own and have raced a boat, as such I assume you know and understand there is a cost involved, is asking for $25.00 to cover some of those costs to be questioned?

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I have a brilliant crew who run a contribution scheme through one of the crew - $10 a race, not compulsory and certainly unsolicited by me. When we blow a kite or whatever, their contributions pay for most if not all the repairs and the money just arrives.


Am aware that some put in more, some less, whatever they can afford at the time. Can't appreciate them and their philosophy enough and it is part of why we get on so well and have a great time regardless of results. Some of them have been crewing for me for over 15 years and average age probably 60 - the young bowman is 38. And we always have enough beer although with around 12 crew sometimes a dozen doesn't go far. 

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