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Liveaboard marinas in Auckland

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I'm sitting on our 12m cruising catamaran in a lagoon in French Polynesia watching the rain clouds part and pondering our plan to sail to Australia for the cyclone season.


I've decided to revisit the idea of coming to NZ

I had decided to go to Aus in order to avoid the cost and hassle of tax and CAT1.  Both of which are manageable, albeit somewhat painful issues.

I'm a Kiwi with a NZ registered boat that we recently purchased offshore.


Anyhoo... We are coming to the civilized world to earn some money over the cyclone season, and hopefully pay for our cruise next year in the pacific.  (This year has been all work and no play as we fitted out the boat in French Polynesia).


We will continue to live on the boat, (because it is the only economical thing to do), so I've been looking at where we could stay in Auckland. There are about 10 marinas in Auckland and I have been slowly trying to work out the various pricing options, policies, facilities ,etc...


It dawned on me that I don't need to re-invent the wheel and the forum could help me a lot.  So I've put my spreadsheet on hold for a minute and I am seeking advice...


We're a 12m catamaran.

We would probably work in the CBD, or conceivably on the shore. Sure, Nelson would be lovely, but we're coming to earn money, so the city it is.

We would have a car.

We actually make our own power (600w solar + D400 wind gen), and water (Spectra 150), so could, in theory, live on the pick although I think the practicalities of living and working every day on land would drive us to a Marina.




So, what are your thoughts and opinions on the numerous marinas around Auckland?


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Yup, Gulf Harbour and Bayswater have ferries.  The Bayswater ferry would have to be a lot cheaper and the general environment is a bit more homely than the others - it is where I'm leaning.

According to this article, the others that allow liveaboards are: Bucks, Hobson West (presumably Hobsonville), Viaduct Harbour & Viaduct Harbour Marine Village, Westhaven and West Park.

Orakei state that they don't allow for liveaboards and Westhaven charges 25% extra, and from what I heard in the past are quite restrictive on the numbers... actually, I vaguely recall reading somewhere that Westhaven doesn't allow local boats to live on board.

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Guest Ketchup

West have is just a walk to the city.


But GH is quiter and nicer, and quicker to the hot spots (not night clubs, bars, and strip clubs). and cheaper?

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Hi Wannabee,


We spotted your post - yes we do have some live aboard availability, and if you'd like to find out about berthage at Westhaven please get in touch with the marina team with more details of your boat's dimensions - contact details are here: 






Westhaven Team 

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