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List of ferro designs and/or designers

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That's about right. 10yrs ago, it would have been around NZ$160K here. It all comes down to what someone is willing tp pay and you have to say, shes a step above many FC examples aroound. Davidson knew what he was doing and all of his boats, no matter what they were built of, are very fine examples.

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When it comes to a list of designs, it's a bit difficult. The common ones have been listed. But a few yards had ago at building in FC because the material was cheap, but had no clue as to the labor. None of those yards lasted very long, so only one or two examples of their work are out there. Then you have the Home brewed FC. Joe Bloggs gets hold of a plan cheap or free even from his mate for something designed to be built in timber and then wonders why the finished article sails like a pig, or even worse, doesn't float. FC has a large volume design for the one reason of weight.

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I would have to agree with wheels....rather than make a list of designers/builders of ferro....are there any particular designs or boats themselves that could be truly deemed 'classics'. Boats that could stand rightfully along side other classics and why?

My particular yacht .....a Tahitian....although a capable long distance cruiser ....I don't think it could be considered a anywhere near a 'classic'........  

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Note that Hartley also designed two sizes of self-steering vane for his ferro boats; up to about 35ft and then 35ft+. I have built and fitted the larger one on my boat. Full timber construction with counter-weights on the rudder is very heavy to manage but works really well.

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