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VHF radio requirements

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Three options for a call sign....you can get a call sign by doing the course or you can get one that might go with the boat (when you buy) or you can get someone else's and transfered into your name (Which can be done online)

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if anyone has an old call sign lying around...  Come on Eric, it's only $45.00 :-)

I got one for Schzando - When I sold her, I called up CC and gave them the new owners' number - I don't think there was any cost for the transfer, he just need to provide them with some details... 

I also have one for the trailer sailor.

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if colin doesn't need it anymore


he might prefer to swap it for beer ;-)

:thumbup:  Well, I still haven't worked out if the boat on the rocks at Waiheke was Schzando, but if it was he may be quite keen now :razz:

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Speaking of VHF,


Looking at replacing my Uniden Atlantis 250 - aerial broke off :( and it's the mount not the aerial .. :(


Anyway, looking around, apparently iCOM do quite a few nice handhelds.


New in 2916 will be the M25, replacing the M24?


In any case, looking around I can't find M24 for sale anywhere, but I can find M23 for sale (€150). 


Seems weird that I can't find the newer model especially as the newer model (24) is apparently about to be replaced in 2016 with an even newer one (25).


Also looking at the M91D which has GPS and DSC. €299. Is it worth going the extra for the fancy features on a handheld? (Don't have a built in -- boat's not really that suitable for it...)



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