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Which is better and why?  

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  1. 1. Which is better and why?

    • 8.5 Cat
    • 8.5 Tri

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I vote for a tri both for racing and cruising, but then I'm biased.

I have a Corsair F24mk2, the slowest multi at the moment racing, but it still gets up and goes in the right conditions (about 20 knots) and I can give the others a fright in the light.Ideal for cruising, I can sleep 3 comfortably and have full headroom with the pop top up. It has a small cooker as well as a head. Although my boat is more of a cruiser, I believe Lucifer and Samins new boat could have the same cruiser comforts, and still be quite competitive with DD and attitude. Would a 8.5 cat have a double berth?

When I find some more money I would be keen to go for a 'need for speed' or a 31' Farrier. But till then I'll do some hard racing on this and cruise with my wife around the place at 10 to 15 knots.

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A few good points have been raised....


I agree that the trailerable aspect of the tris is great and hasn't really been fully utilised, there are some really good advantages of having a trailer tri (surprised the new zealand trailer yacht association hasn't jumped at it actually but then again the seem to pretty stuck in the past!!!! there website doesn't even recognise a farrier as a trailer yacht design).


The trailer opens up many more cruising opportunities, the sounds, the lakes etc, and the cost of regular haul outs and antifoul and not to mention having to clean the bottom before each race is removed completely.


I still believe that because the way the rule is written, the out and out racing cats will always beat the out and out racing tris, as there is a rig height limit, which means that for the tris main hull to have the required headroom the boom must be much higher, reducing the available sail area.


I think that the racer cruiser optimised 8.5m cat is still to come. Yes a double berth is achievable, in fact probably 2 are.

In a cat you probably cant quite get the accomodation of the tri. I am impressed with the accomodation of lucifer, its awesome. But I think that if someone put there mind to it, an 8.5m cat with alot more accomodation would be possible.... borderlines cruising pod for instance is a pretty cool concept....has some draw backs though.


who is building the next 8.5m cat ???

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Thanks guys, I'm getting good info here. Apparently 68% of people voting think the tri is best for whatever reason, but they certainly aren't saying why in the discussion. If the 8.5 rule favours the cat then the voters aren't thinking only of racing. But there aren't many 8.5 tri's around are there? Had a bit of a look at Meltdown yesterday. Nice looking boat, but I doubt cruising was a consideration, she's a go fast, lean mean machine with a nice looking rig too. But what would I know?


I'm going to start a new poll as you guys have wetted my appetite for a few more answers and polls help give me definitive results.

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