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SSANZ Safety at Sea Triple Series

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The forecast 35 turned out to be a lot less so they took off in a nice 15 odd.


No one pushed the start, all very softcock like.


FLC must be very confident his 830 mods are winners, they started with the Multis ..... at least the multis that started on tiome :twisted:   :razz:


All in all it looks like a great day the the fleet, lucky them.


But for me that's sailing related done for the day, it gets nasty from now.... bloody kids, bloody lawyers and other bloody things...grrrrrrrrrr


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Ummmm... Who would have thought that a Yamaha 8 at full tit would only make 3 knots SOG from the Weiti to northern leading into a 30 knot southerly haha

We were on the back foot from minute 1, to add insult to injury the bloody multis seemed to revel in the cracked sheet fetch off the line! Tough luck to Neil on the post race inspection RIB whom missed the 8 day old fluff in my Bellybutton.... Top marks to the SSANZ crew for their safety focus!

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Great course for the multis.


Reach on the start. Good to see the big Slime and Taiping battling it out. The bigger cats and the foiler would have had a lot on.


Tight sail to Gannet rock. From Gannet to Shearer Rock Buoy was the real test. There seemed to be more wind and waves further out. Pushed it very hard. So much fun that we went to far past the buoy and lost to Voom and Tigre.


Back up around Motutap. The tri Push Play trucked passed us with unprecedented upwind speed and poor Tigre had a problem with their headsail.


Nice little reach through the channel on flat water, pipped Push Play


Thanks SSANZ.

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