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So, we've had maybe 10 daysails thus far with the new main.   I continue to fiddle with the sail controls, but overall am pleased.   This sail was built incorrectly for a highly modified F-31 and I lucked out that the dimensions are very close to what I needed.


The sail is built by UK using their Carbon Xdrive process and is their titantium package (which contains no real titanium!)


I continue to have weather helm issues, though they are much reduced by the slightly smaller, higher aspect sail.   And also mitigated by flattening the sail as much as possible with the sail controls.  


I intend to replace the blade jib with a new one made of the same material (about $1500 US).   It is my fervent hope, that a proper jib will generate enough power to balance the sail plan.   I will keep you all posted on the progress of that.


Also, I notice that my mast does not rotate nearly as much now that the gooseneck is mounted on the main crossbeam.   I am soliciting comments on whether this might be exacerbating balance issues.   In short - does rotating the mast move the Center of Effort significantly forward?   I know it generates much more power that way, but I'm starting to sense that when I flatten it to balance the sailplan, the CE might be moving back which is not helpful.





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"Usually" when the boom is attached to the mast it causes the mast to over rotate and the mast spanner is used to pull it back which is "usually" why you can just have it attached to the boom with a single control.


Looking at your video, you might be able to have a mast spanner between the foot and the boom and then rig a pair of control lines down to part way along the main beam (say 1/4 to 1/3) each side, and then lead then back to the cockpit along the hull sides (a bit like the line in the screenshot). I suspect that the spanner would foul the boom on occasion though as the control line trajectory will tend to pull the spanner downward.

Alternatively the spanner could poke in front of the mast but that poses other issues (catches jib sheets etc) and you'd need to have a bunny line upward to mitigate.


Others should have some pretty good ideas as well?!?


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