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Knot Me... maybe

A not Anti-fouling anti fouling?

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I lost that piece of string.

One thing I do know is nature ability colonize is most tenacious.

Would we want it any other way?


Further Update on diy copper epoxy with west.

Dove the hull yesterday @Boulder bay

Blue half a tank just to do one side.

Hull was pretty good for most species...except oysters. Epic fail.

That said, today was first clean of year.

Had a cwt of oysters in a band around hull. Complements of the

westpark incubator. Shredded a few body parts "relocating" them.

Sharp suckers.


Queer, actually how they seem to prefer a certain depth.

They seem to love coppercoat or my configeration anyhow.

Strange how it worked great for first year.

Now I definitely have to come out

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Deja vu....like a recurring nightmare.

What bugs me with the slippery stuff is recoatability.

Whats the point if you have to grind/scrape it all off and start again when its lost its effacacy.

And, its seem most of them are softish which means scraping is like shooting your foot..


Think I might leave the 100% solid Cu coat but put a band of water based coppercoat with an approved biocide in the oyster zone.


Anybody tried Hempel silic one?



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Seems Hempel is trying the exact opposite as well.

Hydrophilia...attracting water to the release surface.


Theory being is the colonizers don't identify it as a hard surface suitable for colonization.

So they don't attach.

So you are actually dragging along a thicker boundary layer?

Sounds like marketing to me....+ a heavier boat.

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