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Claire said the next boat had to have a roof, and double beds, and a shower so that meant a race boat was out!

Vorpal Blade has similar hull volume to Crowded House but with the addition of big double berths inboards.

There are 4 singles and 2 doubles, a toilet in each hull and seating for 8 in the saloon.

Its not a huge boat internally but its got about 65 times more storage and weather proof seating and bunk space than the Voom and piles more than enough room for all the stuff we take away.

Its a bit ashthetically challenged at present but its usable now and in time will benefit from a make-over program starting at the stern. We will have back her up in Auckland before Labour weekend.

On a related matter I have been waiting to change my "Voom" sign in since Clipper and Mrs Clipper bought Voom but have been holding off until a new boat was found, so Voom signing off, and here comes the Vorpal Blade.

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Hey Bill, what a looker!!!!! Doesnt look like a snowbrid mate, we could do some slow cruising together sometime over xmas. We are heading up to the mercs for labour weekend with the ledgends,I think three or four snowbirds are going, go the mighty snowbirds i say! :clap: :clap:

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I couldn't have done this without Mrs Blade, in fact she needs to be congratulated more because she is also now a proud boat owner (or rather she is also a proud boat co-owner) because she wanted it as much as me so was willing to postpone the much anticipated kitchen renovations.


Speaking of cooking.


You compared yourself to Crowded House which puts you into an elite group of cruising hosting and cooking heritage.

I am very hopeful that you and Clare are up to the challenge.

plus we need an extra mothership every now and then when J and Ronno are busy with other things.

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Thanks for that Tim, yes the bar is definitely high (for want of an expression) when looking at any kind of comparison to the House but the entire family are up to it and looking forward to it, particularly the roof bit.

I get the feeling we may see quite a few boats alongside this Xmas, you of course Wolfy are always welcome to tie up and be comfortable - just bring fenders.

I also note from another thread your floats are progressing well, they look cool - any approx dates for completion yet??

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Hey Vorpal Blade, are you really the original Vorpal Blade because I remember that boat outside Malcolm Tennant's shed down by Henderson Creek surrounded by kanukas many years ago, where Supplejack was built. Always thought it was a neat, fast cruising boat ... but can't remember the original owner's name. Did you know that was the very first Tennant design.

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