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Hi there. I'm Currently looking at an fc Hartley coastal 30ft launch . Does anyone know these hulls at all? I've been aboard and out for a quick sea trial. She floats and the motor (80hp ford diesel) purrs along nicely. That's about all I can say really. Seems like a good deal for 10k.. Needs a lick here and there which would be our intentions but would appreciate any info or advice. Alternatively if there's anyone in the nelson area that could come have a look I'd love to hear from you. Thanks Keith.

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Hi Kieth. Sorry, on FB, I didn't realise you were as close as Nelson. I don't mind taking a look, but please understand that I am not a professional, will not be providing you a professional service and thus there is no come back on me if you buy it and then find the spare wheel on the fifth truck falls off ;-)
However, I can give you a pretty good call on most things involved.
As for the actual Design. If built to speck, they are a great boat. All Hartley designs were good. Not a dud among them. But they were designed back in the day when Hp in a small lightweight engine was not available. So thy are not a performance Hull like a modern day design would be. But as for any boat of that age, they perform just as well as anything else.
Was there any info on who built it, as in Pro or Amateur?

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Hey wheels. Thanks for your reply. I actually took a snapshot of the log book which gives the build details and some other pics of boat and engine etc.have you an email address I can send them to? I understand that it wouldn't be a professional survey but it would be awesome if you could have a look, all I really want is a second opinion. I've had a few trailer boats but when it comes to launches I have no real idea apart from what I've picked up on the Web so anything else you can point out would be valuable. I'm aware I'll be needing to do some work but you may be able to see if theres anything catastrophic that I just can't sending you a pm with my deets. Cheers

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