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Beautiful weather and a good forecast, an early afternoon start, and a couple of good mates.


We left the little shoal bay mooring at about 11 and motored off towards eastern beach.


Passing Okahu we saw Eric heading out, and gave him a wave.


Motor off, and we keep good speed as the wind has finally arrived.


We hoist the kite for the very first time, and for a few moments everything is perfect!


But some kind soul decided to put a large rock in the way. The big one just a bit south of Bean.


Luckily there doesn't seem to be any hull damage or leaks, but I do require some surgery on the centreboards. The port one has a small bite out of the end, and I now own two short boards for the other side.


Big thanks to erice for checking up on us! ????


Does anyone have any old GBE boards sitting in the back of the garage?


Maybe I should have brought a waitemata local along for the ride.

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must have been hundreds of groundings there


many boats 


ALWAYS go around bean rock light house


a bit like brown's island


but the channel is marked and if you know the tides and your draft, it's no issue


harbor-bean rock-no-no-no-green triangle - yes, yes, yes - red square, no-no-no-no, red square- beach


bit gut wrenching to watch, kept expecting you to gybe for the pass but instead you popped the shute, damn the torpedoes 


at low tide you can see the wash


at high tide you'd go straight over


but half tide...



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Yep, sure was! As good as those boards look, they broke and the hulls are undamaged.


They are certainly nowhere even close to the strength we had in the foils for the '14. That said, we could stand two full grown large adults on the end of the skiff 'board and jump up and down. Lots. Frequently! Oh the joys of skinny boats and muddy river bottoms! And on a very windy day in Doubtless bay we jumped of a wave and the sideways impact sheared the rudder frame clean off the back of the boat. In retrospect we probably should have had weaker foils :)


Unfortunately the guy who built them way back then doesn't work with 'glass anymore. He did show me how to build them tho! 


Now I just need to visit a bunch of hardware stores to find the right tools for the job!


I must say I'm impressed with the performance. That fractional kite made a huge difference to our speed. It probably doubled it!

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there's actually 2 channels inside bean rock 


both marker with green triangle and red square poles


haven't been through the inside channel, but looks ok....


though you'd have to come up pretty smartly in either direction to avoid other reefs


this is an opencpn screen grab of the free charts from linz as can be loaded on an android smart phone



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Work is slowly progressing on the foil repairs.


This was end of last week, I haven't heard anymore since then.




This one broke about 20cm inside the case.


Cross section...




Fortunately the other board only had a small bite missing at the tip. A little epoxy and she'll be fine.



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