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Was that a blinder yesterday or what, for Taeping!!

It was out of the water for a while.. what did they do to it??

Well done!

I reckon they wouldn't be far from Vodafone now.

When we raced them they beat us by the same margin that Taeping did yesterday, and that was before I altered my rig!

(Mind you I did get dead last, but I didn't think at the time that we were doing that bad)

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they certainly were going well.... but....


the results are wrong .... they were actually only about 6 minutes in front of 888 ....not the 40 minutes that the results would suggest.... they would have ben absolutely flying to have pulled 40 minutes on the fleet upwind!!!

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I have asked for the results to be corrected - I think our time was 14:51 and they entered it as 14:15. The changes to the boat were a stiffening of the mast to reduce the jelly-like action it had.


With the mistake in times Racetrack has Taeping on 1.8498 less than two percent off the Mighty "Go the Vodafone Warriors' G3.


So while painting your boat a different colour doesn't change your handicap....


Doing a whole load of work to your rig and stiffening it right up, as well as fixing leaking windows, Does :shh: :shh:

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