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Anyone who has actually sailed on a boat with Dyneman (Dynex) nets?


A few years ago I visited Afterburner and Bill Gibs on my way from L.A. to S.F. I only experienced

Afterburner's Dynema nets in the harbor and only for an hour or so this is just first impressions:

They felt too stiff, unforgiving, and the twine was pretty thing. It felt like you could easily hurt

yourself, hands, knees... on the nets.


Yesterday I saw at least Sodebo seems to have converted to Dynema nets. I guess it makes more sense on a *really* big boat.



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You can now get purpose built woven dyneema mesh i.e. not knots just like the Raschel mesh. That would be the ducks nuts .......... apart from the still very freaky price, and I mean freaky. A couple of outfits in Europe make it and a few in the east just starting to follow suit.


It's knot hard to make your own out of a dyneema (other other material) if you wanted too and had a bit of time, it's knot massively quick but knot hard. Going this way means you could build it to a specific size and shape from the start. Oh, if you wanted too you could even get real jiggy on it and use differing sizes (strengths) on parts of the net so where the crew use it it could be heavier than where they don't. Oh taking silliness a bit further you could also use different colours in different areas if you wanted :)

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