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Sigrid 6

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I had one. Sort of a lapstrake ply version of a Noelex 22 based around the Flying Dutchman rig. Mostly built in the South Island.  IIRC there was a boatbuilder who knocked out a few (20 maybe) hulls that were then finished off by the owners the rest were home built from scratch. There was an article in Sea Spray in the 70s.


Really a big day sailer lovely to sail but needs to be sailed intelligently in a breeze (say 20+) because ballast is just enough to ensure self righting but no more. If you want a big sailing dinghy with a shelter cabin then these are OK. But; it took me ages to sell mine 20 years ago (just saying). Noelex 22 is probably a better choice overall for this type of boat. There are also other options like the E 5.9.

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Thanks, when you say annoying, do you mean in terms of performance or fit. 

Need some new sails for my noelex 22 and pretty hard to come by and have found some sigrid for sale l and very similar in size. 


Shopping on price. 

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