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Howdy Gents!


The wife and I took a nice cruise last weekend with another boat.  It was the first distance run I've done since doing all the work to Terrapin, and I found it very satisfying!


Nothing broke, and the boat handled nicely.   I reinforced the notion that I will never be able to point as high as my buddy's F-28R.  That said, I was delighted to learn that even with two reefs in my main to his one, he had a tough time trying to keep up on every other point of sail.   


I'm pretty sure I am over canvassed, which is OK as it gives me nice cruising options.   These days, I take a short reef at 15 knots and a second reef at 20 and the boat handles nicely. Had I shaken that second reef, I would have had to stop every few miles and do a 360 to stay even. But it would have been a handful, and heck, we were in cruising mode.


The rebuilt rudders and dagger held up fine in winds gusting over 20+ and some decent waves as did the dagger exit I rebuilt last year.


Distance was 126km out and back.


Here's a short vignette of our trip in the lower Md Chesapeake region:



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Your sailing grounds are very different from mine. I'll post a video showing mine sometime.


Over canvassed is very relative. Single handed sailing I am fully powered up at 10+ knots -- to windward that is. Fully crewed I have a lot more righting moment.



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So Yeah - The Chesapeake offers some nice cruising grounds.   it is about 300km long, and as little as 12km wide in some spots.  Average depth is less than a meter, but there is a LOT of marshland.   So there is plenty of good water.  


Our average daily tidal delta is about .5 meters, and hurricanes are rare - a bad one raises the water level by a meter.  Because of this, having a permanent pier on the shoreline is viable in many areas.


As always, I'd encourage any of you folks who find yourself in the eastern US to look me up!   I owe so many of you for helping me get Terrapin tuned up!  We do race occasionally, though always on my friend's F-28R.


Here's a crazy shot just given to me of a race we did in June.  28 gusting to 34 that day.   We had two reefs in the main, the jib was reefed and as you can see, it was still very sporty!   We started last and took line honors, (our only competition were monohulls - J 70s through 45 footers....)



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