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Knot Me... maybe

Happy Teeth the Leopard Seal

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Tow it out of the environment

She has popped out to Barrier and the Islands a few times and does get around a fair bit, she has been seen up the harbour as well so she knows the wider area well.


We have been advised by experts the only way to get her gone is to relocate her a long long way away. But there is a big fear she has been humanised so now has little worry of us 2 legged critters which means relocation a long way from humans i.e towing her out to Little Barrier just ain't gonna do the job.


In the last week or 2 the level of concern has increased drastically due to her change in behaviour. She is now getting aggressive, something she hasn't done until now.


No one, including the Seal, can afford a harm incident. If one happens the media will go off, the seal will suffer a lead related issue and every other animal that could be construed as dangerous and living around humans will suffer the same. Not to mention Westhaven is heading towards becoming a dead zone for any on the water activities. Today alone 70 kids due down next week were told, Sorry we can't afford the risk so stay at school. Dragon boats have cancelled events also in the last few days.


Sadly the risk of harm has now over taken the reward of having wild wild life in out harbour and surrounds. 

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I am happy for happy teeth to stay as long as she behaves. Inocent untill proven guilty. I scan the horison before I go for a swim around the boat and next time might just have knife at the ready to defend myself.


If you tow happy teeth out than you should do the same with the orca, sharks and sting rays.


Maybe put a tracker on her so that we know where she is?

She has definitely been in our neck of the woods, on multiple occasions....


It is quite different from orca, sharks and stingrays. Their normal natural environment is here. The leopard seal does not normally inhabit these waters. It is arguably more dangerous than orca, sharks and stingrays as well.


If it is stopping dragon boating, kids learning to sail and divers cleaning boats, i would vote for 'removal'

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she'd probably eat the cute little fur seals in the manukau


"It would have been much cheaper to have sent Happy Feet humanely to his happy hunting grounds and employed a taxidermist to make an exhibition for Te Papa, frozen his innards and sent them to a zoo to feed some poor hapless leopard seal," he wrote.


After 10 weeks in Wellington, Happy Feet boarded research ship Tangaroa and headed for the Campbell Islands, 700 kilometres south of Bluff.


With a friendly shove from those aboard, he returned to the chilly seas on September 4. A week later his satellite tracker stopped transmitting - it may have fallen off, or Happy Feet might have met an unhappy end.


"It is possible he became whale-fodder, as orca and leopard seals are the main predators of emperor penguins," thePost said.



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Happy feet was probably thinking " I used to be able to swim much faster without this thing around my neck" as the Orca was looming up behind him.

About a month ago, some Uni students snuck into some enclosure and released a Penguin. they took it too the beach and said " be free" as they let it go. The next day the Zoo said that the Penguin had been hand reared and captive since it was a Chick and likely would not survive a day or two.

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