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Knot Me... maybe

Happy Teeth the Leopard Seal

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used to live trap possums in cages


poor things would bash their heads raw trying to get out before came round and ..........


now use timms traps, which breaks their necks when they take the bait


that great white accidentally in the shark cage video


graphically shows you how wild, wild animals get, when their freedom of movement is prevented


as far as they are concerned, they are seconds from death




sedating her


is a risk worth taking


it's not like they're endangered


she's not a fur seal (nz sealion) 


she's an out of bounds, unpredictable apex predator


​wandering our busiest waterways


looking for bigger + bigger things to eat

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No, the other way around Eric, what species eats Leopard seals.

Maybe we need some big-ass Orcas in there for a while, they seem to like the taste - can't see that interrupting our use of the marina. Haven't  quite worked out what to introduce to get rid of the Orcas though, possibly a few Great Whites .



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I've been talking to some people who see this leopard seal regularly and their comment is its behaviour has changed.


There's a rumour today of an incident involving a dog ,which if true, changes everything.

The water rat has his finger on waterfront pulse.. what do you know Waikiore?

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