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Hi all, as per title i'm new to ferrro boats. Just purchased a 39 foot ferro boat. She is in need of cosmetic work but seems structually sound. I'm curious if anyone can tell me the design of my boat. Apparently from what i'm told it was built by Muir, a respected name here in Tasmania. But as to the design i have no idea. She is ferro hulled and decked. I'm looking forward to getting her finished and looking new and taking her on my first trip. It will be a short one as none of my previous boats have been over 15 feet. 40 years ago i handled 40 foot launches during training in the navy but nothing this size since. I will be keeping her on a swing mooring after the berth fees run out. Enjoying the spirited debating of some here, understanding most of it, is something different. Still i expect i will learn at least enough to get me by.

boat 5.JPG

boat 4.JPG

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