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Hey Guys (+girls)


I've got a Tornado Sport (Gennaker etc) which I'm looking to leave rigged up somewhere in Auckland. Its currently on a tilting trailer but it takes at least an hour or so to rig it up so it limits how often I can get out on it. I'm wondering if anyone could recommend somewhere suitable (good ramp, reasonable sailing access in/out) and of course reasonably priced.


I live in Remuera so I've tried Okahu Bay (RAYC, The Landing etc) but they all need 1 year terms and I can only commit to 6 months as I probably wont be in Auckland longer than this. Would consider anywhere within maybe a 20 minute drive from Remuera.


Any pointers would be awesome!




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Talk to the guys at the Tamaki Multihull Yacht Club or Racing Association or something like that. Because they have my old tornado and they are storing it out the back of Waiheke shipping down the end by the Halfmoon Bay Boat Ramp past the BBYC. Pretty cool setup, sits there rigged up and just wheel it down the ramp.


Could work having two boats together?

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Thanks for your reply,


Is there anyone in particular I should speak to? Is the TRMA still operating?. I tried looking up the website but its gone.


I've got a Reg White thats been upgraded with the modern set up, do you get yours out much (or have you sold it)? We've been off the water for 6 months so pretty keen to get ours out!

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