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YNZ giveth and YNZ taketh away.


My main interest is around what's changed to get cat 3 for the coastal:


Changes I've spotted


A securely installed watertank (No description of size, don't think this was a requirement before)


No more parachute flares, no more white flares (just a signalling torch)

Just red and orange smoke, no LED flares unfortunately


Along with the hacksaw and 10 blades, we now also SHALL carry a hammer and drift, plus whatever we need to carry to cut the mast clear


Echo sounder is now prescribed


Anything else I've missed?


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Not entirely related except as an example of WTF


12.4 © in Part 5 Cat A - this is for trailer boats and I note in the SI for the upcoming Gulf Classic Regatta - a requirement for all TY even if they're doing the short course/are Div C. boats.


"Two red hand-held flares, two orange hand-held smoke torches and two parachute rockets."
Ummmm.  :wtf:

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