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window replacement

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sh*t! Someone stole the interior of that boat.

It's called minimalist Thank you. It's a design theory many of us poor people with little ones tend to use, we don't have the room to have real furniture :)



Willow, are your windows stuck onto the outside of the cabin top or recessed into it?

Don't suppose you remember what sort of overlap you had if they aren't recessed.


Mine were stuck on the outside and screwed every 75mm odd. They used bog std silicone by the looks which has broken down but still stuck pretty good. But I would like not to have to screw the news ones in so I like the comments I'm seeing about the better adhesives these days.

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All stuck on the outside roughly 25mm overlap all the way around. The old ones were just stuck on also had a hell of a time removing them had to hammer a scraper in between the window and the frame all the way around. Used simson glazing mastic with a primer, sanded the inside edge prior to bonding.


Think it was this one http://bostik.co.nz/userDocuments/simson-70-08-tds.pdf

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Geez I'm losing it. That twice i've posted in a reference thread. :think:



10mm acrylic

Into rebate we cast in new deck/ coachroof.

I was nervous having no fasteners so set in SS  threaded inserts around

windows for storm shutters. Making shutters on  the todo list, haha.

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