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Well, thanks to Greg W giving us a very big hand yesterday, we finally got a little sailabout in the Strike tri today.


There wasn't much breeze about, and we were forced to sail with a reef in due to a technical "Hitch" but even with that and a very badly set up number 2 jib, the speed potential was obvious. So there's a tick from me..


My dearly beloved was also comfortable and enjoying herself, and the kids loved it, so there's another tick.


Reaching back and forth across the harbour just out from little shoal bay, I reckon we were pretty close to hitting double digits, Sadly I left my phone, hence GPS, in the car, so unable to verify.


We have a few very minor bugs to iron out, but I think for us, she's a pretty good compromise. A sun/rain canopy, and a boom tent, and I think we could easily sleep the six of us. Not bad for an 18 foot boat!


The mast is like a powerpole tho, so we need to work out some system of easy raising and lowering it. It's just too heavy for one person to handle. On a positive note, I guess it should handle the furling screecher without needing runners!

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What is an 18 ft?? 

I hope it's not a modern boat with fibreglass, carbon etc being measured in a 300 year old English Kings Shoe size???


But congratulations on getting on the water as well!!

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Well it is a British design! They're still in feet and inches over there.


Ply and glass but no carbon, designed 2009 by Richard Woods.


It's one of those "build a main hull and add it to a beach cat " designs, in this case added to a Jim Young design which some random guy on the beach on Sunday called a Tigress.


Looking forward to a breezy test run, should be fun

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I think Richard left the UK well before 2009 but I may be wrong. He is mostly operating out of British Columbia now.




You are absolutely right, but when I lived in the UK I was still known as a kiwi sailor :)


until Aaron gets pics of his strike up


i think this is what we're talking about


Also absolutely right.


I'm going to need to read up on adding pic's! I have the one in my avatar big, but that's all.

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at the very top right, just left of sign out


should be your sign in name and a small triangle


click on the triangle, then my gallery


then create gallery


something llike that


or you could probably add pics to the old multihull album 

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