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So, prior commitments meant we couldn't meet up with the multi fleet at Motuihe on Saturday, so we shot out fairly early Sunday morning. With no breeze at all, we slowly headed down harbour, joggling about in the ferry wakes.


A bit later when the wind had arrived, we saw Hard Drive heading home, I tried to get a photo but it's fairly distant, we were on opposite sides of the channel.


For light winds, we got along nicely, even hoisting the screecher for a bit, but the breeze was really shifty and patchy so I soon got tired of furling and unfurling it every couple of minutes.


We stopped in at Browns Island for a while so the kids could play, building sand castles and finding starfish. Then they decided to try some bombing off the side in the sheltered bit. I need to get a boarding ladder for that!


After a wile we headed for home, straight into a nice 10-15 knots SW.

I soon discovered that I couldn't get enough luff tension on the genoa, and that it is sheeted too far forward for upwind work. I can lower it maybe 150mm on the forestay which will hopefully be enough to fix both issues. Also, there are no cleats for it, so my hands were a little raw by the end of the day.


Still, although my GPS was set to km/h ('cos the marine version of the same free app is crazy money) it says  we had 14, so around 8-9 knots on the way home. Most of the time we were sitting at around 9-11km/h, so around 6 knots. Not fast, but a little sail and controls improvements should help push those numbers up quite a bit. I would have swapped to the no.2 but it's a skinny deck up front, and nobody else felt like driving for a bit. 


Freeing off bought a notable speed increase, with two small rooster tails from the main and leeward hulls.


Photo's to come, for some reason I can't upload them tonight.

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Another couple of metres LOA would help, then we  could have actual beds! We're gonna invest in a big boom tent for the odd overnight. Parents on the tramps, kids in the cockpit. Sideways. The weekend version has a slightly longer roof, and you sleep across-ways.


I've had my eldest girl up the mast a few times, but she's been unable to untie or cut the string we used to stop the shrouds falling out while rigging, which is why we are reefed in the pics.


On Anzac day, it took us 2 hours+ to get down to devonport in a drift, then about 15 minutes to get back to the Richmond start buoy under shy kite, in maybe 10 kts wind. Can't wait to get out there with full main and some breeze!

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Yeah it gets close!


On a positive note I can walk to the boat at low tide, and as long as the breeze is from the southern quarter I can keep my nether regions dry.


The downside is I don't feel I can leave the outboard on 'cos thieves can walk there too.


I'm waiting to find a cheap older motor to leave on because swapping it from the dinghy to the bracket is a bit dodgy in a chop.

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