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I hope you are not trying to stop a nuclear meltdown in the Kitchen BP ;-)
What are you actually wanting to do ? It is available in many forms, depending on use. Probably the most common in my world is a welding flux for Copper and heavy soldering. Thus it is available in either a powder form or paste.
      Keven is correct in that it is also used as insecticide. Doc Sodium Borate is not very toxic and is used as a food preservative E28? (can't remember last number) although there are some countries it is banned in. The most common use is as a Laundry Detergent and Swimming pool pH balancer/water softener

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It is the only thing we have found that totally removes roaches (picked up some stowaways in Fiji). Not sure if Angela mixes it with anything but she sprinkles it around cupboards and lockers and three weeks later no roaches . Three weeks coz that's the gestastion period of a cockroach and you need to kill two generations.

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