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Black Panther

Boric acid

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Is this stuff poisonous enough that you have to empty out the boat first before you lace it with this Boric / Borax Acid so that you don't get any on your stores / boat equipment and therefore eventually on yourself?

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the boric acid - icing sugar mix is as old as the hills


safe to all but bugs with a sweet tooth


but don't sprinkle in your eye


or eat spoons of it


Boric acid is low in toxicity if eaten or if it contacts skin. However, in the form of borax, it can be corrosive to the eye. Borax can also be irritating to the skin. People who have eaten boric acid have had nausea, vomiting, stomach aches, and diarrhea.

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It is the only thing we have found that totally removes roaches (picked up some stowaways in Fiji). Not sure if Angela mixes it with anything but she sprinkles it around cupboards and lockers and three weeks later no roaches . Three weeks coz that's the gestastion period of a cockroach and you need to kill two generations.

Hello Mr/Mrs/Miss BP


I am a Compliance Officer from Bio Security NZ. Your post above was brought to our attention. We would like to ask you why you lied on your arrival into NZ and/or have subsequently failed to inform BioNZ of a pest infestation as is required by law and by caring NZers who like the current landscape?



Mr Dicky Whacker

Head of Dept for Masturbation and Jelly Wrestling

BioSecurity NZ



Govt Depts are busting lots of silly people who post things like the above online.

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