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Gas bottles

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The different consumption depending on conditions could be due to changes in the bottle temperature.

I did wonder about that as the 1st and 2nd gas burns were in sheltered, probably a little warmer, areas where the last 2 had one in the wind and during the last one it was drizzling all over it. I also put a big pot of water on the burner last burn so it was easier to see when the bottle ran out, the water suddenly stopped boiling.


This is a break down of the test burn lengths and usage during each one.


gas test.png


I was told again yesterday if the bottle falls over it could explode. But again it tracked back to 'a mate once said'. With all the regulations I have been surprised at how hard it has been to find anyone that knows definitively. I'm finding that quite bizarre and wondering 'so do whomever wrote the regs actually exist and if so do they know WTF that are talking about?'. It's almost like the marina EWOF thing, everyone knows but only seem to know they don't know. I'm going to keep sussing but from this play I've had and the total lack of anything 'official' like I can find that says don't and the fact the bottle manufacturer do not say don't, I'm going to run with bottles down.


They will live in one of what have been named the 'Goodbye lockers' that are just inside the transom up under the deck, are very well drained and will contain nothing else, no bloody room left anyway.  One will contain 2 bottles of LPG surrounded by 2 tanks of high octane petrol. On the other side is 3 tanks of high octane. If anything goes bad in either of those lockers the only words worth uttering will be Good Bye.


And thanks for that info Bogan, most enlightening.

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