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Gentlemen - Please give me your "back of the napkin" opinions on my prospective purchase.


I just spoke with the local sailmaker about our screecher.   He is proposing a Dimension Polyant fabric called CZ-30 GP.   My screecher halyard is fractional and my sprit is 2 meters.


fabric info here:   http://www.dimension-polyant.com/en/Spinnaker_2_6_1.php


Sail area is 30 square meters.    Is that roughly the size you guys are running for your roller furling screechers?  


Damned thing is pricey though  $3100 US with the torsion rope etc..  


I asked for a cut that would accommodate 50 to 100 degrees apparent.   Does that make sense?


Benefitting from your experience,



Image here:   http://i.imgur.com/jID4NnI.jpg

and here:   http://i.imgur.com/WsGtE1D.jpg



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Our screecher is quite flat we can sail it at around 30 to 60 apparent.  The angles of death. :cry:  


I prefer our mast head kite which is also quite flat. We can still hold it in less than 40 to 90 degrees apparent and it is less problematic to put up and drop than the firliing screecher. :thumbup:

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Hi Rush - I deleted the UV strip.   I was thinking for convenience (put it up Friday, drop it on Sunday evening....)   I AM considering the elastomeric acrylic enamel paint trick as well, and Intend to test it on some similar fabric.  




Doyle also has a version:   


Do you guys have experience with these products?

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