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SSANZ Safety @ Sea Triple Series

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Freedom report and video 


This trailor trash is fully converted !!


Phil and I got up early to try the new old slightly larger ex Borderline main on the old Freedom.


Great start until the first park up in Izzy Bay which was good for us, gave us time to adjust the rigging. The Borderline main is designed for a carbon ex TP52 mast whereas our old main was designed for standard GBE noodle.


Just before Rakino the windex was going around in circles again frustrating. Hooters and Deeds went right. The Diam, Whio and Attitude went left. We managed to sneak through the middle somehow and catching the mighty Dragon drifting back towards us they pulled the pin no need for them to turn around as they were facing the wrong way already. Attitude was getting sucked backwards into a hole by Motutapu and they also pulled the pin.


Whio and Deeds caught right up with a puff from behind rounding Rakino. Standing on my tippy toes, it helps to be tall. I could see a breeze line out east beyond the Noises or Ahas .1 knots of boat speed and .4 knots of tide we managed to thread through all the bricks. We left Deeds and Whio drifting west.


Got about 5 knots of very nice sea breeze from the east. Rounded Gannet rock and it looked like all the cats went home. Celebrated the win, ate the best bacon and egg buns I have ever tasted with beers and rum. We thought that we could just cruise around the course from there and we  took turns snoozing under the head sail. Phil kept the pedal down, hunting Galeforce the lead swinger. Slipped by Galeforce without seeing, still  hunting her to the finish. Luckily because little did we know Hooters was just behind us.


Nice to hear the gun. 


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