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Make Multihull Rum Racing Great Again!

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Greetings All - It's been a very crappy winter and not much multihull racing has been happening and the rum racing scene has faded entirely. This is a big pity and we'd like to do something about it.


While most people cannot rum race each week, historically there used to be an effort to get boats out one week per month. The 8.5 committee would like to re-establish this habit. To this end three boats: Hurts Like Heaven, Stealth Mission and Dirty Deeds have all committed to doing squaddy rum racing once a month again. The first date for us to race is the 4th August.


The purpose of this post is to invite:

1. Other multihull owners to make an effort and take their boats out on the nominated Friday - you will have someone to race against.

2. To invite anyone who wants to crew for us to let me know and I will attempt to distribute you among the "fleet". We would like to extend an especial invite to:

   a: Existing multihull owners to hopefully jog their memories as to why they bought their boats and to inspire them to take them out again for a race or two.

   b: Anyone who is considering buying a racing multihull (there are a few good ones for sale) and

   c: Anyone interested in Multihulls in general

   d: Anyone who want to have a sail and has beer :-)


The goal will be to race 1st Friday of the month but we are going to be a bit choosy and if it's a mill pond or a raging gale we will push the week back, we will make the call on the Wednesday before and update this site. 


If you want to crew please contact me: deanw@agilitycis.com and I’ll get you on a boat. If not next Friday then sometime after that.


Logistics: Races start Fridays at 4:10 pm (winter). You need to be able to get to the boat at 3:15. Stealth and Hurts are at Northcote, Deeds is at Westhaven. Please let me know what variety of crew you are (a,b,c,d from above), your preference for Westhaven or Northcote, and a sentence on your sailing experience/ability so I can spread the talent about.  

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