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Pocket Offshore Cruisers

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Someone mentioned earlier in this topic, the best one what you have... follow this line I would consider Nova 28 as a very capable candidate. I only referring to the FG version as I don't know too much about timber or plywood ones. Based on my very limited experience (two days at sea from Dunedin to Akaroa upwind all the way) will handle 5-6m waves while the wind sustained around 35-38knts with massive gusts. At the time I only had a bit of concern about the rigging as I did not checked before we left Port Chalmers, other than that wasn't that bad. In my understanding nowadays people tending to expect to have the same comfort as they have at home, so the desired boat size increased regardless their budget. In the other hand we always will see adventurers out there who leaving safe waters with the boat what they have, like Andrew Fagan or this chap who I found on Youtube last year. Good on them. 


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