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Knot Me... maybe

Gas plumbing

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:D Yeah I did like that one myself. I am actually writing a book, fills in time sitting in airports etc, so I'll try and get that word in just for you. It's got boats and 2 explosions so far. No Wheels, it's knot about you :twisted:  ;-)


Anyway, just got all my gas bits and did a sly suss of where they were ordered from. I interweb stalked them and here is a link to them and the bulkhead fittings themselves.




Ouch, I just noticed the price shown on the site. Don't know what I paid but he said a 'about a hundy for the lot' and I have lots of bits in bobs inc fancy thread seal liquid, hose, 2 of those fittings and more. I'll suss when the paperwork arrives and let you know Chloe. I should be getting them cheaper and are happy to buy one/some for you if you like.


Thanks for that KM 


Have checked that site out and will go see them. I have only one bulkhead to go though, when I put the new cooker in I wont to get rid of all the bits of copper pipe that have been there for 50 years this year. Not to worried about those prices, more concerned about what they are replacing. 

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