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As previously speculated Taeping has landed on the great lakes.  A friend bought the boat back in about March.  He then became very busy with work and the boat took a bit longer to put together than hoped due to this.  

I am happy to report that Taeping has been reunited with her bows and been sailing for about six weeks now.  We are getting more comfortable with the boat and have already seen some pretty impressive performance.  None of us have ever sailed anything like this so our learning curve is steep.  

The boat seems well suited for our local conditions.  Our mid summer conditions are normally pretty light and often westerly.  Westerly means flat water at this end of the lake and has made for some glorious sailing in 10-20 knot wind.  As autumn sets in the conditions turn to northeast and usually more breeze.  This produces inhumane chop that is short and steep.  Hopefully our introduction to these conditions will be gradual.

All in all this boat has already been more fun than anyone could have hoped and the owner and crew are very happy with it.



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Yep, shes a memorable boat alright.


I did a race on her and we never dropped below 25kts boat speed from the start by the bridge to North head. 


I was in the leeward cockpit on the sheet which and was hanging onto the winch handle or I would have been washed out the back! 


She'll be missed in this years Coastal  :cry:

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