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Pelagic Autopilots, anyone had any experience with them

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Hey IT, those Precision9 / EV-1 and the others the same, the new sensor gizmos.


Any thoughts on how they would handle knocks or thumps?


Asking as mine is mounted under my cockpit floor. Do you think heavy footed 930 sailors (he says looking in a mirror) would affect it?

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Sussing for some Ray info and ran into this artical for those who maybe interested.


Pelagic verse Ray EV-100 tiller  - http://www.ybw.com/forums/showthread.php?483369-Tiller-Pilot-Raymarine-EV-100-vs-Pelagic


I have a EV-100 tiller and during the weekends electrical and electronic stress testing I can tell you it uses feck all power, we are impressed as that was a big concern we had i.e how thirsty is the cow? We also tricked it into maxing the ram which generates a power sucking spike and the maximum it should use, saw -4.8 amps just before the units safeties icked in.


I saw something that did make me think the Pelagics do suck a fair amount of juice, not massive but significant, which maybe a concern for eco minded boats like mine.

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