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congratulations kiwifish


have you had a beachcat of any type before?


cats are just so easy to sail they can easily lull you into a false sense of security


so when an invisible gust of 15 seconds lifts a hull out, when all you've ever had before were 5 second hull lifting gusts (picking you up then dropping you back) you suddenly discover the vanishing stability curve of catamarans


stabgraph.gifif a 5 sec gust lifts your hull clear 


every foot it goes higher, the less it needs to keep going


people don't normally panic until about 45 degrees


and about then the mast is taking over


great example at the end of this


i think virtually every 8.5 cat racing in auckland has been over, often when they've relaxed, cleated off the mainsheet etc 


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Thanks everyone.


KM- Place your bet.


Erice- Thanks for the good info, No I haven't owned a beach cat before. I rented the plastic Hobie at 'the mount' for 1 hour early this year, same thing really isn't it hahaha.....


Freedom GBE- I bought the "cheap" one, Storm. I say "cheap" because it needs attention, love and $$. The other 2 on TM at moment would be better value, but at the asking price (Storms) it's a nice entry price and gives me time to upgrade as I go along, plus it feels good to be bringing a neglected boat up back to good condition.

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