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Iridium Go

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A little help if anyone has done this.....


Playing around with a new to me Iridium Go.

Got it going OK with txt, voice (quite a delay but clear) and email functions.

However I can't get a server connection for the web stuff.

I have the firefox (xweb) download they suggest.

It goes through to that app but then no server connection.

Perhaps I have to turn off all sorts of back ground stuff on the smart phone?

It's a Samsung S8 if that makes any difference.

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We found the same as IT. It has been great so far for weather and comunication offshore but thats about it. I have found the aps to be shockly bad though. Lots of crashes and very clunky.

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Worth noting that Iridium go will get a speed increase when the Next constellation of satellites are live (about half are already up). This should be sometime this year.


Note sure how much speed increase - I have heard various answers - some saying as fast as 3G. I am sure they will want more money to use the Go at these speeds.

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