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2018 Australian IOM Nationals

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Yes the Sloop is going to Hobart for the Ozzie Nats 15 - 18 Feb along with 4 others from NMMS (Wattle Farm) plus 1 from Nelson and another from Christchurch.


Hobart should be interesting without the haze that appears the times I been there before, 1971, 72, 73, 75 & 81.


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:D  :D  Me too. Remember crossing the finish line and I think heading into town but came too in Melbourne Airport with no recollection of the previous 3 days. We must have been very lucky to have been allowed on the aircraft in the stare we must have been in.


Have fun over there fella. Hope it goes well of the NZ team.

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Day 1 done 35 to 40 knots with a gust of 53 knots. Plenty on chains along the shoreline but no dogs.

The sloop started well but went backwards must try and get better starts, had plenty of speed with the C rig the pocket handkerchief the first time I have sailing with it.

The kiwis are doing ok.

Phil in 7th

Paul in 10th

Sloop in 21st

Bruce in 30th

Nigel in 34th with gear breakage

Ants in 38th

John in 48th

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