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2018 Chains, Ropes and Anchors ANZAC Enduro

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Someone just had a hard time coming home, looked 1050ish bareheaded with multiple roundups off Orakei and its blowing dogs off chains here. It looked like the beginning of the end of a particularly hard and long weekend, so close to home and all hell breaks loose. 

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Atimai, CU and Clandestine Jet finished out of the Friday start

Big ups to the fleet for all making the right decision for themselves


C Jet won Atimai was second and CU was third


Coppilia won long haul, Gale Force was first on line second handicap, Truxton third, Krakatoa fourth.

Pepe retired at the Mercs on the return and Power Play retired after rounding GB

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Agree, big ups to what did look like some wise calls by the assorted boats.

Huge well done to the teams who punched on thru, what a bunch of hardarses you are....or just slightly deranged, probably both.


I'm also very glad everyone listen to my 'demand' at the briefing, that being 'I didn't want to see anyone in the news for the wrong reasons'. If only I could get my kids to listen to me that well :)


Damn happy I wasn't the RO for that one, Jon was welcome to it.

Well done him and his team in what can not have been a fun place at times :thumbup:


Good to see some Ross action on the podium. Thanks Jet and CU for that ;)

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Well said KM. 

Huge thanks to SSANZ for running these awesome races and especially for still running it in the forecast, exactly as it should be - skipper's call.  We had lots and lots of angst until half an hour before the start to make our call, and made it due to concerns over anchoring in the high winds and then getting back to Whangarei again as had time pressures. Quite happy with the call we made, but still gutted to miss such an awesome race. 


Massive respect to those that finished, well done!  I see today that Wild Oats pumped 245 litres of water out of her, but doesn't sound like too much other damage we were pleased to see.


Well done the Ross boats!  See you all for the SSANZ triple :thumbup:

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Thanks to Jon and the rest off the team running the show.  We (Gale Force) did the longhaul course. 


The primary aim was completion, so we had a qualifier done for next years RNZ race. The secondary aim was to beat the Pogo (Krakatoa) on line to collect a bottle of rum from Greer!  We succeeded on both fronts, so pretty happy.


We had a good start, and looked pretty good until we fell into a bit of a hole SW of channel island. we were the most right on the course and while not far away from the other boats, we seemed to get stuck. So I think we rounded channel last, and set off in pursuit off the fleet. I'm not that familiar with the east side of the Coromandel, so had asked a few guys for a it of advice, and it all seemed to say stay out, but go inside the Mercs.  We just aimed to bee the Eastern most boat and it paid off, allowing us to get through the hole in the wall first and on our way to Whale island.  The aldermans are on the rhumbline, so we elected to stay outside of those and then head straight for whale island. Turned into a slow downwind leg, and truxton and power play were catching rapidly.


We got around whale and could lay white for a few miles before the breeze dropped out and about 6 hours of frustration ensued, trying to make ground to white and watching Coppelia catching rapidly.  eventually made it around and headed north.


After we went around the needles, we discussed which extra to put up, as we had breeze in early 20s. We elected to go with masthead asymmetric, which was a bit on for sure.  Breeze built and we had to take it down, after a few good sends. 2 sailed into sail rock, chucked in the second (massive) reef and had a pretty miserable beat back to the finish.   


Approx 64 hour race, a great course, and a great test of how we get on as a crew.


Well done to Coppelia, one of the oldest boats on the course, but incredibly well sailed.  Congratulations Rob and Sally.


And to top it off, had a good NE breeze so spin up all the way home.

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