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Shane strikes again

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I had wondered what happened to him. Not the best choice of places to try and Winter over in. I wouldn't believe a word of what he said in that article. It's pretty obvious by now that the guy has a

Shane has an atrocious background as a child in State care. He's certainly not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I don't think he maliciously means to do harm. In my view he just doesn't appreciat

Interesting observations Wheels. Unfortunately the Mental Health Services in NZ are decidedly third world so I wouldn't hold out much hope for Shane there. Shane's life is a horror story of abuse,

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Anyway, thanks, at least I know where to go when Im bored and need to have an argument - KM is always up for it.


No I'm not

Oh yeah you are

Piss off, I'm knot.

I am,

No I'm not

Bullshit you damn well are!

You're a Tosser

feck off ya bell end

When I get back from my Schizophrenia Anonymous meeting....then you're in for it....or am I?




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1 hour ago, southernman said:

Met him in fox glacier a few weekends back camping in his truck, he's mostly harmless. 

Yes but hard to have much sympathy for him.

I have seen his name pop up on FB more than a few times related to ripping people off.

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