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Duty Free

Safety at Sea Triple Series --SSANZ

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Both applications for redress were not upheld.

So results stand as posted

The findings will be available on SSANZ website once they are received in writing

Plus series results once time permits


Prize giving on the 21st two complimentary tickets per boat that entered the series and additional tickets available at $35 per head, this includes dinner

Tickets available until the 14th.

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The way the sailing instructions are written it appears that courses will never be shortened and start/ finish lines will never be changed.

Given that there is such a long time limit (Sunday midday), one wonders why it would be necessary to do so?


Maybe next year the sailing instructions should be updated to clarify?

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If someone wanted to be a bit of a excrement rotator they would have to ask the question why the fleet of supposedly 8. somethings that claim the title of NZ's most OD boat had a gap from 1st boat to DFL that is considerably bigger than a pile of pissed yobs on 22ft lumps of old wood or even a fleet of mostly one off tweaked butchered freaky deakys 7.5 thru to 9.3mt yachts.


But as I never engage in sh*t stirring I'd never ask that :twisted:  ;)




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