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Richmond Yacht Club Single Handed Series

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What was R3 and what happened in it?


After R1 and R2 my money would be on -

  • No extras I'm picking the Nigel on Atamai for both line and H/c. He does have a good length and swings it around in a highly proficient manner ;)
  • In extras, I'm going to run with either the Nigel on Snail Force or the Nigel on Katana. Both are very tidy packages sailed well. The Nigel/Katana packages looks tider each time I see it so it'll only get quicker. The Nigel/Snail Force package looked good and I have no reason to doubt as they get a few more miles under the keel it will only get faster again.
  • On the Extras handicap side I'm finding it hard not to run with the Nigel on Clandestine Jet, he has that thing smoking. So much so I did a close flyby and shadowed it for a wee way to check for signs of an exhaust :) No sign of anything except a Nigel sailing his ride in a very tidy and very fast manner.
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R3 was a ryc one on a Sunday afternoon a week or so back. Sunny and a nearly 10kn Westerly.


Gale force was not racing with prep work for rnz taking priority.


I've only seen the ryc club race results for the day (which differ from the series ones as they include all the boats there that day not just series entries).


Atamai got line in the no extras, I pipped him on handicap after he had some bad luck at the start with a backmarker from the previous division.


Crocodile took the double if memory serves in the extras. Katana sailed a different course so withdrew.

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