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Where is everyone going (this weekend)

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We had a great weekend at the Mercs on Labour Weekend as part of the Legends Regatta. Lovely evenings with no wind and nice sea breezes during the day for the races. Here is a picture one of my crew took at the entrance of the Cove


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Catch a few more, smoke them and make them into spicy cajun fishcakes and free flow freeze them for future enjoyment.


Have you got a smoker on board BP yet?

 If you bleed them straight away, they are extremely enjoyable as pan fried steaks cut like Harpuka / Groper steaks. A much greater / better taste / more moist

/ sweeter, they and they  are not ropy or dry as Harpuka steaks can B. Smoking them whole, also bleed straight away to get rid of the toxins, a great taste = separate flavours brine 1. brown sugar and garlic, 2.brown sugar & curry powder, brown sugar & honey and turmeric, 3 brown sugar and your favourite herb or spice. leave over night to infuse in the refrigerator.

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