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2019 SSANZ Round New Zealand race

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Is it too early to start talking expected weather? according to metvuw (yes I know - get with it) looks like L 1, could be a drag race.

I reckon its a bit early, and the models will change between now and then, BUT;

It looks like a 'trough of doom' is setting up to be in the area for Leg 1.

On the western side is glamour southerly / south westerlies.

In the middle is a hole big enough to swallow the entire fleet for two whole days

And on the northern / eastern side is torrential rain, with the added icing of either no wind, or northerlies / wind smack on the nose...


What will actually happen will be a complete lottery. But based on a classical 'trough of doom', the forecast will have a gale warning, there will actually be no wind at all, but 5 nm one way or the other will be either heavy rain, or the forecast gales. Get caught in the hole and your toast. Catch the breeze and your sending it the whole way.

Everything will come down to the speed that depression thingee comes out of the north east, and how far south it gets, or if it slides off to the east.

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Safety checks all completed today

Briefing Friday

Start 69 hours away


Stewart Island committee boat arrived in Fiordland this morning



Wednesday 13th Feb 19


Dawn was just starting to break and there was an excitement as the crew awoke and joined the early morning watch in the cockpit. Clouds of mist rolled off the steeply rising land off the port bow. We where running downwind at 6 knots with winds gusting 30 from the North in prelude to a gale forecast for the afternoon. Soon, in the distance, we could see the entrance to Thompson Sound. We felt so insignificant in the face of the steeply rising mountains. The entrance of the Sound slowly opened up to us, and we willingly slipped in to a new world. Majestic, Awe-inspiring, Magic.


Very soon we were greeted by a squadron of Sandflies (clearly on duty to guard the gates of paradise). Deet all round and buttons up. Not hard because it's a little cool. We spent the next few hours motoring up from Thompson Sound to Bradshaw Sound and anchored stern-to in deep water in Precipice Cove. Thomas rowed out the stern line and tied it to a rope that the fisherman use that was left on shore between two rocks


The sounds are like a picture from Middle Earth with wisps of mist and cloud draping the mountains - long streaming waterfall hundreds of meters high. It's hard to due it justice in words.


We have treated ourselves to a refreshing (even tingling ) swim and warm shower, change of clothes and are chilling out with bread baking in the oven.


This trip has been awesome so far with nearly 1000nm covered in less than 6 days making over a 170nm per day. The west coast has been kind to us with winds either off or abaft the beam for most of the time.

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how often does the tracker update? Seemed to be about every 4 minutes until the start, but hasn't moved since?

I'm picking hourly (but I don't actually know).

So will be eagerly waiting for the 3 pm update.

Bean Rk is 28 gusting 37... can't wait to hear who puts the big gear up (or any gear at all...)

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