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Anyone used the DoC camp there?


Thinking of parking there to watch the NYE fireworks, wondering what the holding is like in a westerly.


As we STILL haven't got a big boom tent made, we'll be camping ashore, would quite like the boat to still be there in the morning.

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Yes folks, my curse has struck again.


During the weeks between the RumRace and now, the glue holding the transom to the inflatable has let go.


So I spent the afternoon trying to procure a replacement dink at an ok price.


I'm picking it up in the morning on the way to the boat, and the old one will be in the local experts workshop next week.


Once again I've missed my night on the island watching the fireworks.


Surely anniversary weekend will work out!

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It worked! Sorta.


A great sail out to the island, a typical lack-of-sleep night in a tent, a lot of swimming in the clear waters of the gulf.


Heading home was not so good, we popped out into a fast flowing tide, going against a lovely 10-15 knot SW. Faaark it gets steep in that channel. Once clear of that, we settled into a nice fastish beat along the side the side of Rangitoto to north head.


After clearing north head, it was eased sheets up the harbour, until, at Devonport the breeze went forward, so we start tacking, back and forth across the channel. One last hitch over to Richmond and we'll be clear under the bridge to the mooring. But what's that click?


Followed by more clicks, as the traveller pulled out of its mounts.


Sometimes I wonder if it's worth the hassle.

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