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Black Panther

Anchoring mahia peninsula

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If you do you may get a visit from Bad Kitty............ who will then tell you to piss off or Mr Beck may just drop a rocket on your head.


That's a interesting point. When Rocket Labs go to bang off a rocket things get placed on land to stop people getting close, the CAA tells all aircraft the keep away thru the NOTAM* system but what about boats in the area?


Unless they happen to be listening to the radio (a bit of a guess there thinking MNZ would broadcast something???) do boats just get BK rocking up saying "You have XX hrs to leave the area or ?????'.


BK is part of the team policing the close zone during launches. On the water that is.


* - NOTAMs are a form of warning notice put out to inform aircraft of hazards. When Rocket Labs go active at the Mahia launch site a NOTAM is issues to say 'stay away, the zone** is now active', the charts pilots have will have a red line defining the area to stay out of during a launch, it does include a fair bit of dawn range space in case of a oppsy.


** The Mahia launch zone is R401 SFC to 13500. That means restricted zone no 401 from the surface to 13500 ft above it. Not sure what happens above 13500, maybe the traffic is just routed elsewhere, most way up there is told which routes to use.


Mahia and Mahia beach themselves are just outside the western boundary of the CAA restricted zone.


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Notice to Mariners details the launch safety zone.

It is usually about a 10 day window, but is only applied on the actual launch day, which can slide around a bit inside that 10 day window.

Safety zone is different each launch, and Rocket Lab tries very hard to accomodate everyone’s needs on a launch day. While absolutely avoiding the potential to drop in excess of 10 tonnes of rocket fuel on you.

Boating can take place in the safety zone on the day, you do need to contact Rocket Lab and advise your intentions. If I can work out how I’ll post the next launch cartoon.

Re anchoring there, Mahia Beach itself looks somewhat ok, other than that I’d be fairly careful.

More like a “awesome weather, let’s take a look at Mahia” than actually planning a stop during a passage.

Think Mokes, not Fitzroy Harbour.

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