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Laptop power options

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I got a 12v car charger for a HP laptop on the boat - works great.   I think I got it from PB Tech - be careful about the el cheapo ones from Jaycar.   The one I got also has two USB ports on it.

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Before I started using an iPad for mostly all nav I went down this road

Tried 300w inverter but as you say not very efficient

Then managed to find a laptop that actually ran on 12v but these aren’t easy to find and limit your options

If I was to do it now would try something like this. https://www.ebay.com/itm/STEP-UP-Transformer-12V-to-16V-10A-160W-DC-DC-Power-Converter-Voltage-Regulator-/301916994954

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We have a Samsung tab A, does the phone as well as bluetooth to the battery monitor, wifi to the MFD email and annoying people on this website. Bloody thing has come close to sleeping with the fishes a few times but would be lost without it. As Eruptn says. Best thing is they have no power hungry inverter power supply. Incidentally, put a 3 amp fuse in your laptop power unit on the OUTPUT as they are not protected for some reason.

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Thanks all. Personally not a fan of tablets. I have had a play with a few and have found the small, smudged, hard to see touch screens tend to annoy me. I have a small gps/plotter in both the cockpit and the cabin but the laptop will give me proper plotting ability and a bigger screen to look at. Hopefully power consumption isn’t too excessive

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