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Laptop power options

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I would stay away from anything celeron based - be slow as s**t.


Core i5 minimum with SSD - a platter disk wont survive the knocks and SSD is flippin cheap now anyway.


There are so many laptops around now with screens between 12-14 inches which I find a good size for boating. 


In terms of power I dont know about Toughbooks, but I would be surprised if the charging circuitry is much different to a normal laptop which is 19v normally taking about 2-3 Amps if also charging (maybe startup surge up to 4A.


PB Tech is good and if your in Auckland NZ Laptops (Mt Wellington) have some good deals on A grade ex lease gear.

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As per IT.

Dc to DC converter.

12 (or so) in and usually a choice of output voltages.

Some have a multi position switch and others have little plug in do hickys (that look like blade fuses) to select the appropriate output voltage.

They are not expensive and are quite reliable. Mine is currently outputting 19 volts.

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