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How do I bend on a furling genoa in the wind?

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Are you certain that it's the right size luff tape? Some are only 1mm different...

Good point. Our profurl is (odd?) 6mm. Make sure you get the foot attached before winching the halyard tight or you can pull the top bearing off...like I did! One on the bow feeding it on and a can of silicon spray the other on the winch.

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Tough one, still a work in progress.

Over 10knt delta and I struggle.

I have to do it head to wind with sail luff tape nicely flaked below foil other wise it jams in foil.

And I run the gennie halyard around mast winch as a block standing under foil and keep my foot on the flakes to release.

On AP of course. Furlex B mk2


Must try DDW at WOT.

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Straight slot. No feeder. Goes up pretty well in the calm so I'm guessing the sizing is right. I tried loops around the bunt and foil as I raised every metre or so to keep the bunt from blowing out, but the pressure was still too great in the small amount of sail exposed to the wind. I thought of wool loops but haven't tried them. I'll try the downwind option.

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I have a feeder on my main, which is also boltrope, and it works very well. Mines riveted on between the gooseneck and track


If I don't use it and are more than 10 degrees off head to wind I get exactly the same as Kevin does, a sail that does not want to play nice which get called all manner of adjectives. The more wind there is the more I need the feeder and to be head to wind.


Bionic Monkeys or escapees from some experimental lab maybe??? Just trying to think what Monkeys Fish has been perving at to garner a comment like that ;)

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