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Ranger and Erewhon circa 1950

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I am pretty sure this image is believed to be out of copyright now.  I saw the same or a similar image on the National Library site a few years ago, though I am darned if I can find it now.  The original copyright was with Whites Aviation.  I have scanned this from an original print my father ordered at the time.  He was one of the regular crew on Erewhon during her short racing career and is in ths photo.



Ranger and Erewhon.jpg

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Yes.  When she was first brought back from Australia I had hoped I might be able to take my father over to see her, but he was too ill.  He passed away before we got the chance. 


I know I have a better photo of Windhaven taken the same day - it is in a safe place here somewhere. ;-)

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